The Gutwirth Fondation Scholarships of the University of the People

Online education is one of the many new exciting things internet is giving us. Undeniably, it is the result of innovation which pertains on the new manner on how we do things and solve the usual problems. Online education is not very recent nor vintage. However, its popularity is gaining momentum nowadays because it is becoming more relevant. Given that education has always its prices on which many students are having hard time to pay given of their practically difficult circumstances, online education is gaining relevance. Yes, it is true that scholarships have already helped thousands of students worldwide. However, nothing is stopping online education to participate in the crusade on which scholarships are based. For that matter, you are now very lucky to experience the best deal available from the combinations of online education and scholarships.

Is it possible to combine the benefits of online education and scholarships?

Before anything else, an online university is a version of online education. From the word ‘online’, you could surmise that this university of this kind and concept operate through online. Aside from some instances, everything is done online. From the classes to exams, you don’t need to go to an actual campus to actual classrooms to attend actual classes. Apparently, operating such way allow the university to earn much savings. Of course, there are also actual universities that offer online degrees together with the usual degrees. Hence, it is not just about savings but also making sure that students who face time constraints, regardless if they are financially capable or not, have a chance to pursue education. An online university is also expected to follow the same industry standard imposed to a physical university. Hence, to gain credibility, it could pursue accreditation from prestigious accreditation bodies. Yes, an online university does the same stuffs an actual university does. So, let’s go back to the question:

Is it possible to combine the benefits of online education and scholarships?

Yes, if you are enrolling in an online university that offers scholarship grants. Among the few quality online universities that are generous enough is the University of the People. It is an American university accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) which is recognized by CHEA. It was established with the aim of helping students. For that matter, it offers the Gutwirth Fondation Scholarship Fund program. The program is intended for students born or living in Israel or Palestine. The scholarship grant is only available for associate’s degree. Once awarded, you will be provided with up to 20 Exam Processing Fees. In other words, since that University of the People associate’s degree requires 20 Exams to complete, you will be receiving a full free associate degree. This program does not prohibit you to apply again if you go beyond 20 Exams. Furthermore, you are not prohibited to apply for another scholarships if you want to upgrade your associate’s degree to bachelor’s degree. There are many programs and degrees University of the People is offering. Even though if you did not avail of any scholarship, enrolling to one is a really good deal.

For more information of their programs, degrees, and scholarships, visit their website at:

Online University, Online Degrees, and Online Education in One Prestigious Program: The Masters of Science in Information Systems Management of the University of Liverpool

There are many exciting and fun stuffs emerging from the internet. Actually, internet have given us new and innovative ways to do the usual things in more efficient ways. It poses new trailblazing solutions to the usual problems. Before, you need to wait for many days to receive the money order for your overseas transactions. Today, you have online payment processing sites. With just the matter of few clicks and minutes, your transaction is complete. Regardless how many kilometers you are apart, you will have the fastest transaction time the world have ever seen. The point is internet have revolutionize how transactions and businesses are made. Education is not shielded from such influence. Actually, it is spearheading. For that matter, the latest trend on education is the emergence of online education. Actually, online education is already existing just few years after when internet became mainstream though it is not yet that popular. However, given that internet have already marked an era, ideas coming from internet are becoming mainstream. Now, there are already growing acceptance for online education as a feasible and reasonable alternative of the traditional education. Actually, online education does not disrupt on how we do things in education, they enhance it. You might heard about an online university with its online degrees. These are the exciting offers that await you as you explore and subsequently experience online education.

It does not mean that if it is an online university, everything is online. To give you a picture, there are online universities that are really all online. They don’t have actual campuses but only offices for their administrative matters. They conduct the classes and facilitate the exams through online. There are also many online universities that are even actually physical universities. These universities are usually long-established. Understanding and responding to the current trend, these universities start to offer online degrees together with their usual degrees. There is an online university in that form: University of Liverpool.

University of Liverpool is a long-established and reputable university in the United Kingdom. It starts to offer online degrees. Among them is the MSc in Information Systems Management. This program is designed to incorporate the principles in Information Technology and Information Systems to multi-disciplinary approaches. This degree is completely online. The program gives you option to specialize on topics which are more relevant to your professional needs. This program utilizes case studies as an instruction of learning. The provider of this program gained notable achievements in the area of research. The University’s Department of Computer Science gained a rating of 97 percent from the UK’s 2014 Research Excellence Framework. Such ratings are among the highest. University of the Liverpool is member of the prestigious Russel Group of 24 research-led universities. The beauty of this online degree is that it gives you access to their Global Career Advisor Network which allows you to connect with professionals from different industries across the globe. In other words, you will have access to a network that will provide you endless stream of useful knowledge and information that might help you for your career advancement.


The Federal Pell Grants

There will always be student scholarships for every needs. For that matter, scholarships take on many forms. It could be fees waivers if the grantor is the institution itself. It could also be in form of financial assistance on which the grantor will be the one paying for your school. There are some grantor who gives the money for college directly to you. There are very generous student scholarships that offer free-for-all awards which means from the fees to your allowances, all are provided. However, these kinds of scholarships are very competitive. Apparently, generosity has its own prize which only the best could afford. If you are among the best, please take your shot with these highly competitive but very generous student scholarships. Of course, there are also scholarships available for the rest of the students because these scholarships are more interested on helping students facing practical difficulties. As long as decent academic records are maintained, the scholarships are available. If you are more interested to earn money for college, you might want to apply for the Federal Pell Grants. This grant is designed for undergraduate students. As long as you are not behind bars in a federal or state penal institution or penalized with involuntary civil commitment after you were behind bars for sexual offenses, you are qualified (Yes, they emphasized that part). Generally, the grant is not expected to be repaid except for some conditions. To start, you should submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form. Once granted by this program, you will be required to submit the form every year in order to continue enjoying the aid. For the year 2017-18, the maximum money for college to be awarded is $5,920. The exact amount will depend with your circumstances such as your financial need, cost of attendance, if you are full-time or part-time student, and your plans to attend. It is important to take note that you will not receive Federal Pell Grant funds from more than one school at a time. The grant does not preclude you to enjoy other student aids.

There are special considerations if you are a child or dependent of a member of the U.S. armed forces who died from military service in Iraq or Afghanistan. So, if you are less than 24 years of age or you are enrolled in college or career school at least part time, you might be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant especially that after computation of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) the level is within the boundary and it will be calculated as if it were zero. If your EFC is too high, you might be eligible for Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. Payment of the award may be in the form of direct payment to you or with the arrangement with your school with the Federal Pell Grant. To continue receiving the aid, you must complete your program at a non-foreign school. Once you completed your bachelor’s degree or first professional degree or you have utilized up to 12 semesters, you are no longer eligible for Federal Pell Grant.

The Best Deal: The Burger King Scholarship and the University of the People

There are many student scholarships out there. There are also many online degrees out there. Both allow you to pursue your desire to earn a degree against all odds. Actually, both these student scholarships and online degrees are there for you with one aim at hand – to help you. Student scholarships have already helped thousands of student. That is an undeniable fact. As of this moment, there are thousands of students around the world who are scholars. Thanks to the internet, more students will receive help. Online degrees offer exciting things on which the usual degrees don’t. First, you will be saving a lot because online education is not expensive to operate for the providers. Hence, you will be expected to pay lower fees. Second, you could complete the program at your own pacing. For that matter, you will not be forced to quit your job. Hence, whatever income stream you are enjoying, you will continue to experience such. Third, online education is compatible with scholarships. Apparently, if you will take either one of them, you will have a very good experience. If you will take both, you will have the best deal you could get. For that matter, if you are having hard time to earn money for college but you wanted to enroll into an online university, Burger King is willing to fuel your desire for such step-up. For the best deal, invest your awarded money for college to University of the People that also offers scholarships in form of exam fees waiver. University of the People demands among the lowest tuition fees for an accredited university. So, if you are awarded with a Burger King scholarship while enrolled to the University of the People, virtually you will be getting a free quality education. The Burger King Foundation aims to give out $7 Million worth of money for college. The scholarship program does not require much. Likewise, University of the People does not require too much entrance requirements. For the scholarship, you need to take note that application will open this coming 15th day of October. Application will be closed at the 15th day of December. You are expected to use the awarded money for college for the school year 2018-19. Take note that application is first-come, first-served basis. For that matter, they will only accommodate the first 50,000 applications. Apparently, on the 15th day, you should start submitting.

You should have the following requirements:

  • To have a minimum grade point average of 2.5,
  • To be passionate to serve, and
  • To be a graduating high school student (graduates from home school education are welcome to apply!), a Burger King employee, or spouse or domestic partner or child of an employee.

For the University of the People, you are required to submit documents. For all programs, you will be required to be at least a high school graduate for the bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs. You will also be required to have access to computer with a reliable internet connection.

For specific instruction, please visit their respective websites at:

The Challenge: Finding the Online University and Programs that give Scholarships and Money for College

There many scholarships out there and each of these programs are unique to each other in terms of qualification, eligibility, duration, awards, and targets. Apparently, the challenges that you face as a student are numerous. That is the reason why there are many scholarships out there – to give maximum chances to each students who face peculiar challenges and academic goals. Scholarships could be granted by the host institution, a foundation, a non-for-profit organization, a private corporation, and/or rich benefactor. If you are aiming to land any scholarship grants, it requires detailed research for your part. Depending on your current academic standing relative to your income, you should find the best fit programs for you. Actually, many scholarships are not mutually exclusive. In other words, you could enjoy as many scholarships as possible as long those scholarships allow. It cannot be much emphasized that indeed finding the right programs are the best way to go for you to find the best. So, if you are having hard time earning money for college. You should aim to find scholarship programs that give actual cash and/or award you free fees. There are many scholarship programs that does not offer only money for college but sustenance and allowances. Usually, if you are only interested to get money for college as a help to your burden, there are plenty of programs that require lax eligibility.

Scholarships have been existing very long and their opportunities have already thousands of student for their dreams. For that matter, is there anything else? Yes, you might heard about before – the concept of online university. This is the exciting features of online education. Internet have presented us unique and innovative ways to solve the usual problems. An online university may take two forms: the plain online university and the hybrid university. The plain online university is in its purest form. In other words, everything is online with an online university. From the delivery of the courses and to the presentation of final projects and taking of final exams, everything is done through online. The beauty of this arrangement is that you will not be required to incur the usual costs associated with schooling such as relocation, books, materials, and transportation. Furthermore, you will be not be forced to quit your job because, with the rest, everything is done online. As an added bonus, you could complete the program on your own pacing as long as you complete the program within the period prescribed. On the other hand, a hybrid university is actually an actual university that offers online programs. They have the actual and physical of everything. Even long-established reputable universities offer online version of their usual programs. Regardless to where you enroll, the apparent advantages are just similar. It is just important to take note that you need also to have detailed research. If for scholarships, the purpose is to find the best combination of programs; for the online education, the purpose is for due diligence. It is undeniable that online education is more exposed to the risk of fake degrees. That is the reason that you must do your homework. You must ascertain that you will be enrolling in a university that is accredited by itself and/or its programs.

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