Careers after Online Education in Information Technology

Being online most of the time, and being familiar with technology – its trends, developments and potential advancements, you would think that you know exactly what career to pursue after getting your online degree. Think again, because your money for college is at stake.

Many online university graduates fall into the misconception that if they choose a bachelor’s online degree in Information Technology, they would immediately qualify for all IT-related job opportunities. This is only true if you have appropriate exposure and experience in the field that you’d like to pursue. Remember, you are not the only job applicant aspiring for that high-paying position. You must, therefore, have additional or a more advanced skill set appropriate for the position you want. To help you start, below is a compilation of potential careers you can pursue after your online education in Information Technology.

Computer Support Specialist
From the word itself, the primary role is desktop and computer troubleshooting including customer service (help desk and/or navigational assistance). Customer service may internal (employees within the company) or external (customers/clients of the company).

Someone who oversees a computer shop may need Computer Support Specialists to manage computer terminals and assist with basic hardware and software troubleshooting. Positions in a company’s IT department may also be available, this position is usually the entry position.

Programmers and Developers
Primary job is to create or develop programs or software either from scratch or by enhancing an existing code. Another way to describe what they do is to turn the drawing board into a workable automated platform that people can use.
They closely work with designers, although user interface, is normally, the least of the concerns of most programmers/developers. Knowing how to design aside from coding, is an added skill that may be highlighted when applying.

While Information Technology online degree graduates may be considered for this position, most companies prefer Computer Science degree holders for this position.

Other job opportunities in this category are:

  • Information Security Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Software developers
  • Software architect

Computer Systems Analysts
This position focuses on reviewing existing software and hardware of a company and streamlines them with the business processes involved in making the tools run. By analyzing this information, recommendations or suggestions can be made so that the business can be more effective in providing IT services.

IT managers
May also be called project managers whose main focus is to ensure that specific targets are met as outlined by the company. Targets may be in the form of projects, goals, services or tickets – depending on the need. Their role takes into account the computer systems, tools, and hardware needed to meet the goal. It may also include troubleshooting or preach by practice behavior. IT managers must know what has to be done in order to get what is expected. The critical nature of the job usually entails further education such as a graduate degree in Information Science or even a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Database Administrators
Primary role is to protect and manage company data hosted on a specific server. Most database administrators are server administrators as well. Their role also includes organizing and making sure information is secure for its users.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators
Most SysAdmins are also familiar with database administration but the primary role of SysAdmins is to oversee everything that happens within the network. This includes organization and monitoring (permissions) of all computer activity of users. It also includes the management of all hardware, network connections and troubleshooting for all support systems.

To have an edge, most SysAdmins consider getting additional qualifications or license in Cisco and other programs that may be helpful in their field.

Information Technology is a wide industry. If you know what job you’d like to pursue, consider getting a more focused online degree and/or a more experienced online university in your preferred interest. Online education does not have to be difficult, all you need to do is remain focused on your goal, and take little steps until you meet it. Ensure that the money for college you have saved is invested accordingly and will yield results.

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