The Challenge: Finding the Online University and Student Scholarships for the Best Online Education Experience

An online university is just like your usual university. The word “online” trumps the only significant difference. Online university is actually the result of the latest innovative online education. Internet clearly gives us new approaches never seen and tried before. If internet gives us exciting stuffs such as online payments and social media sites, the influence also reached on how institutions provide education. Online education is based on maximum efficiency. Looking it in another perspective, online education provides you the same quality of output with lesser costs. In other words, if you will earn an online degree, it is as good as earning the usual degree with minimal costs. As said earlier, the word “online” trumps the only significant difference. An online university is in most sense a true university. It is just the manner on how education is delivered that make the former distinctive.

How does it exactly work?

Materials are provided online. It may be in the form of presentations, animations, video, audio, and online video. If you could learn very important skills from YouTube, there is no reason for online education pull the same trick. Depending on the program, there will be online classes. These classes are conducted using online conferences. There will be a professor who will conduct the lecture and the students will listen through webcam. In other words, it is like having a class using Skype. Apparently, it let you save time and money. First, you don’t need to leave the comforts of your hometown. Second, you don’t need to relocate. Third, you don’t need to quit your job or leave your business if you have. After you completed all the required courses, you will be asked to present your thesis or take the exams. Both could be done online. If it is done online, you will be asked to pass proctored online exam. Someone will be watching you trough webcam while you take the exams. Instead of writing your answers, you will be asked to click the button that corresponds to the correct answer and type your essay-form answers. Usually, it is faster for the results to come out especially if the exams are purely MCQ because it is the computer that checks your exam. It is important to take note that there are many professional certifications and licensure exams that are made through online. So, the primary feature of online education is efficiency. To make sure that you will be receiving high quality degrees, courses, and programs; you should enroll to accredited institutions and programs.

To maximize your savings, aside of taking your education online, you should consider applying for student scholarships. There are many offers out there. Usually, these student scholarships offer waiver to fees, monetary awards, or subsidies. The aim of student scholarships is to give deserving students who are facing practical difficulties in pursuing education chances for academic achievement. With all of these, a challenge is apparent: for you to find the best combination of online degree or program and scholarship award.

Careers after Online Education in Information Technology

Being online most of the time, and being familiar with technology – its trends, developments and potential advancements, you would think that you know exactly what career to pursue after getting your online degree. Think again, because your money for college is at stake.

Many online university graduates fall into the misconception that if they choose a bachelor’s online degree in Information Technology, they would immediately qualify for all IT-related job opportunities. This is only true if you have appropriate exposure and experience in the field that you’d like to pursue. Remember, you are not the only job applicant aspiring for that high-paying position. You must, therefore, have additional or a more advanced skill set appropriate for the position you want. To help you start, below is a compilation of potential careers you can pursue after your online education in Information Technology.

Computer Support Specialist
From the word itself, the primary role is desktop and computer troubleshooting including customer service (help desk and/or navigational assistance). Customer service may internal (employees within the company) or external (customers/clients of the company).

Someone who oversees a computer shop may need Computer Support Specialists to manage computer terminals and assist with basic hardware and software troubleshooting. Positions in a company’s IT department may also be available, this position is usually the entry position.

Programmers and Developers
Primary job is to create or develop programs or software either from scratch or by enhancing an existing code. Another way to describe what they do is to turn the drawing board into a workable automated platform that people can use.
They closely work with designers, although user interface, is normally, the least of the concerns of most programmers/developers. Knowing how to design aside from coding, is an added skill that may be highlighted when applying.

While Information Technology online degree graduates may be considered for this position, most companies prefer Computer Science degree holders for this position.

Other job opportunities in this category are:

  • Information Security Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Software developers
  • Software architect

Computer Systems Analysts
This position focuses on reviewing existing software and hardware of a company and streamlines them with the business processes involved in making the tools run. By analyzing this information, recommendations or suggestions can be made so that the business can be more effective in providing IT services.

IT managers
May also be called project managers whose main focus is to ensure that specific targets are met as outlined by the company. Targets may be in the form of projects, goals, services or tickets – depending on the need. Their role takes into account the computer systems, tools, and hardware needed to meet the goal. It may also include troubleshooting or preach by practice behavior. IT managers must know what has to be done in order to get what is expected. The critical nature of the job usually entails further education such as a graduate degree in Information Science or even a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Database Administrators
Primary role is to protect and manage company data hosted on a specific server. Most database administrators are server administrators as well. Their role also includes organizing and making sure information is secure for its users.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators
Most SysAdmins are also familiar with database administration but the primary role of SysAdmins is to oversee everything that happens within the network. This includes organization and monitoring (permissions) of all computer activity of users. It also includes the management of all hardware, network connections and troubleshooting for all support systems.

To have an edge, most SysAdmins consider getting additional qualifications or license in Cisco and other programs that may be helpful in their field.

Information Technology is a wide industry. If you know what job you’d like to pursue, consider getting a more focused online degree and/or a more experienced online university in your preferred interest. Online education does not have to be difficult, all you need to do is remain focused on your goal, and take little steps until you meet it. Ensure that the money for college you have saved is invested accordingly and will yield results.

Tips to Ace Essays required in Online Education

One of the requirements in pursuing online degrees in online universities is a “personal essay” regarding your application into the program. Some requests you to indicate your goals while some ask you to indicate your preferences. The requirements vary and some applicants are at a loss where to start or how to answer.

Here are helpful tips to consider to ace essays required in online education:

1. The Reason.
Life, in general, is not just about breathing and walking amongst people who do the same. It’s not just about eating and talking to meet certain personal and social needs. There is a reason why we are alive. Some people’s life goal is to find the reason for living.

Some look for it, their entire lives, and never find it. Some don’t care and just live. The fact is, the reason exists.

It is the same with online applications and your essay. You must be able to identify the reason why you are applying to the school. It is not sufficient for you to say that you are interested in their online degree. You must be able to expound by pointing out why you like the online degree, what’s unique about the online university and how being accepted into the program will help you and your future plans. You can answer these questions as part of your “The Reason” part of the essay:

  • what is the online degree you chose?
  • what do you understand about the online degree?
  • what current activities do you have seems to be in line with the online degree?
  • how often do you do these activities?
  • how do you feel when you do these activities?
  • what other activities would you like to do or explore in line with the online degree?
  • what do you understand about the online university offering the degree?
  • what made you choose the online university or what sets this online university apart from other online universities?
  • what about the online university is congruent with your future plans or goals?
  • what do you think can the online university do to help you with your goals?

2. The Commitment.
The Reason is just the beginning. The Commitment, let’s say, is the sequel.

Understanding why we do the things that we do show that we have something that motivates us to do what we do. It gives us the driving force to ignite our goals into action. It creates an atmosphere of positivity, energy and simply, willingness to make things happen. All that is nothing if there is no commitment. Consider the following questions when you expound on your commitment:

  • what do you envision to do after being accepted? how many courses do you plan to take each semester? how many hours will you allot in online education?
  • how will you manage your time?
  • what are your priorities at the moment?
  • how will your priorities be impacted if you are accepted into the program?
  • what will you do to keep yourself on track of your goals?

3. The Closing.
Tie everything up with a strong ending.

Knowing that you’re motivated and you’re committed to the online application simply means that you know what you want and you will pursue it. Transition into a good closing by answering the following questions:

  • what do you foresee is the potential difficulty you will encounter when pursuing an online degree?
  • how will you overcome it?
  • how will your goal come into play that situation?
  • how will the online university help you with what’s next after the online degree?
  • what will you do now or what are your short term goals? what are you doing while waiting for the results of the application?
  • why should the online university consider your application?

This format is created in such a way that it can address an online application personal statement or a potential scholarship essay.

Please review the requirements before following the tips indicated in this article. Good luck in your applications!

Is Online Education for you?

There is an ongoing debate between people who believe in traditional education and those who believe in modern education. Both believe that education is important but the strategy or medium at which education is received is where both have diversified perspectives.

Traditional education focuses on in-house and classroom training for several years before the appropriate on the job or exposure courses to enhance and fully prepare the student for their potential careers. It is open to exposure to various learning courses but only in support of classroom discussion. It is willing to accept online education practices, but only in terms of lessons, not in itself as a primary source of formal education. Modern education, on the other hand, believes that learning is universal and can no longer be confined within the classroom walls, or even the geographic boundaries. It is open to online education and to global exposure of students to fully prepare them for their potential careers. It is more experience-based and more adaptive to new strategies or tools for learning.

In the end, this will boil down to preference and practicality. Here are 3 critical questions you must answer to determine if online education is right for you:

1. Am I a virtuous person (as opposed to a virtual person)?
Studying in an online university and pursuing an online degree means that you will have a virtual personality. The ideal virtual personality should be exactly who the person is, able to manifest how he or she would act in person and able to express him or herself effectively.
Those born in the information age may be influenced into pretend virtual personas that they use in order to modify their worlds or realities. It may translate into asking other people to work on their assignments or paying someone to attend their classes to maintain their “persona.”
Whatever religion you belong to, it is essential to ask if you are virtuous – meaning, do you have what it takes to live up to the truth and what’s “right”?

2. Am I sociable?
Being friendly, popular or sociable can now be translated into activity in social networking sites. The number of friends, videos, tweets, snaps or pins may be indicative of how sociable you can be. How will you set the line between your online degree classmates and your regular friends and followers? Will there be a line?

People who are by nature sociable manages to translate their personality online and become sociable there as well. There are, however, some people who would prefer to talk to someone in person, rather than online. There are those, who would rather, sit in a classroom and hear voices, see gestures and non-verbals than being part of an online discussion where each is identified with a voice and there is no other basis but the syntax, intonation and the way opinion is delivered. Ask how sociable you can be because a college education is not just about learning – it’s also about being part of a group or community, and knowing that you can be productive in such environment.

3. Am I dedicated?
What will you do when boredom strikes? In a traditional classroom setting, if you are bored, your classmate may call your attention or your teacher might call your attention. In an online university, you will need to be responsible for your actions and you will need to keep your focus, do what is right, even when no one is looking. This will measure how dedicated you are in pursuing your online degree, how serious you are for your online education and the career you’d like to pursue.

Online education is available for all but it may not be the best form of learning for everyone. Each person’s individual characteristics have to be considered before applying for an online degree. An online university can offer everything you need need to get your bachelor’s degree but if you’re not virtuous, not productive or not dedicated, then it may not be the right style of learning for you. Consider that your success depends highly on your learning and if you do not receive the education you need, then you will also be unsuccessful in getting the job you’d like to pursue.

Online Programs and Certificates at University of Florida

University of Florida is one of the best online university in the world, especially for its Education Programs. Functioning as a public institution, University of Florida records and archives all online education classes so that students can access the information whenever they want. A percent of 96 of students are already employed when they first enroll. Also, what’s specific for it, the University requires applicants to have taken the GRE exam. Another plus is that application deadline for online education degree programs here is rolling.

Some of their online degrees program are: Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education, Educational Administration and Policy and Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, Higher Education Administration, Reading and Literacy Education, Program Evaluation in Educational Environments, Special Education (Teach Well Online Academy), Student Personnel in Higher Education and Teacher Leadership for School Improvement. They have a wide range of programs so applicants be able to choose between them depending on their personal interest.

Once you choose between their programs, you should determine what type of applicant you are. University of Florida Online is so flexible, students in a variety of stages of their academic pursuits are eligible for admission. The admissions requirements, however, vary somewhat depending where you are in your academic journey. The baseline for determining this is how many academic credits you have:

  • Freshman – Applicants with 0-11 college credits
  • Lower Division Transfer – Applicants with 12-59 credits
  • Upper Division Transfer – Applicants with 60 or more credits, this includes Associate of Arts (AA) degree holders
  • Second Bachelors – Applicants who already have a bachelor degree
  • Readmission – Applicants who have previously been enrolled in a degree program at the University of Florida

After you go through their online education programs and decide which one suits you best, if you are a first-time applicant, you should know these steps:

  1. It takes about 30 minutes to complete your application. You can save your application and come back.
  2. There is a non-refundable Application fee of $30. Please be aware that if paying by credit card, a $1.75 service fee will automatically be added to the $30 fee for a total of $31.75.
  3. It will be handy to have your high school and previous college information available.

There’s no big amounts of money needed for getting you degree at University of Florida, which is so renowned for its value. But if you’re seeking ways to make your education even more affordable, the University has a variety of financial aid options available. You can read about tuition and financial aid on their official website.

The deadline for your applications is October 2, 2017 for the Semester starting in Spring 2018. University of Florida is the best educational host that you could have. If you feel like applying for their programs and creating your astonishing destiny here, then you should do it right away. Visit their website to find out more about them, about the enrollment procedures and what other students say about their experience there. Click on this link: and start shaping your future!

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