The Best Deal: The Burger King Scholarship and the University of the People

There are many student scholarships out there. There are also many online degrees out there. Both allow you to pursue your desire to earn a degree against all odds. Actually, both these student scholarships and online degrees are there for you with one aim at hand – to help you. Student scholarships have already helped thousands of student. That is an undeniable fact. As of this moment, there are thousands of students around the world who are scholars. Thanks to the internet, more students will receive help. Online degrees offer exciting things on which the usual degrees don’t. First, you will be saving a lot because online education is not expensive to operate for the providers. Hence, you will be expected to pay lower fees. Second, you could complete the program at your own pacing. For that matter, you will not be forced to quit your job. Hence, whatever income stream you are enjoying, you will continue to experience such. Third, online education is compatible with scholarships. Apparently, if you will take either one of them, you will have a very good experience. If you will take both, you will have the best deal you could get. For that matter, if you are having hard time to earn money for college but you wanted to enroll into an online university, Burger King is willing to fuel your desire for such step-up. For the best deal, invest your awarded money for college to University of the People that also offers scholarships in form of exam fees waiver. University of the People demands among the lowest tuition fees for an accredited university. So, if you are awarded with a Burger King scholarship while enrolled to the University of the People, virtually you will be getting a free quality education. The Burger King Foundation aims to give out $7 Million worth of money for college. The scholarship program does not require much. Likewise, University of the People does not require too much entrance requirements. For the scholarship, you need to take note that application will open this coming 15th day of October. Application will be closed at the 15th day of December. You are expected to use the awarded money for college for the school year 2018-19. Take note that application is first-come, first-served basis. For that matter, they will only accommodate the first 50,000 applications. Apparently, on the 15th day, you should start submitting.

You should have the following requirements:

  • To have a minimum grade point average of 2.5,
  • To be passionate to serve, and
  • To be a graduating high school student (graduates from home school education are welcome to apply!), a Burger King employee, or spouse or domestic partner or child of an employee.

For the University of the People, you are required to submit documents. For all programs, you will be required to be at least a high school graduate for the bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs. You will also be required to have access to computer with a reliable internet connection.

For specific instruction, please visit their respective websites at:

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