The Gutwirth Fondation Scholarships of the University of the People

Online education is one of the many new exciting things internet is giving us. Undeniably, it is the result of innovation which pertains on the new manner on how we do things and solve the usual problems. Online education is not very recent nor vintage. However, its popularity is gaining momentum nowadays because it is becoming more relevant. Given that education has always its prices on which many students are having hard time to pay given of their practically difficult circumstances, online education is gaining relevance. Yes, it is true that scholarships have already helped thousands of students worldwide. However, nothing is stopping online education to participate in the crusade on which scholarships are based. For that matter, you are now very lucky to experience the best deal available from the combinations of online education and scholarships.

Is it possible to combine the benefits of online education and scholarships?

Before anything else, an online university is a version of online education. From the word ‘online’, you could surmise that this university of this kind and concept operate through online. Aside from some instances, everything is done online. From the classes to exams, you don’t need to go to an actual campus to actual classrooms to attend actual classes. Apparently, operating such way allow the university to earn much savings. Of course, there are also actual universities that offer online degrees together with the usual degrees. Hence, it is not just about savings but also making sure that students who face time constraints, regardless if they are financially capable or not, have a chance to pursue education. An online university is also expected to follow the same industry standard imposed to a physical university. Hence, to gain credibility, it could pursue accreditation from prestigious accreditation bodies. Yes, an online university does the same stuffs an actual university does. So, let’s go back to the question:

Is it possible to combine the benefits of online education and scholarships?

Yes, if you are enrolling in an online university that offers scholarship grants. Among the few quality online universities that are generous enough is the University of the People. It is an American university accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) which is recognized by CHEA. It was established with the aim of helping students. For that matter, it offers the Gutwirth Fondation Scholarship Fund program. The program is intended for students born or living in Israel or Palestine. The scholarship grant is only available for associate’s degree. Once awarded, you will be provided with up to 20 Exam Processing Fees. In other words, since that University of the People associate’s degree requires 20 Exams to complete, you will be receiving a full free associate degree. This program does not prohibit you to apply again if you go beyond 20 Exams. Furthermore, you are not prohibited to apply for another scholarships if you want to upgrade your associate’s degree to bachelor’s degree. There are many programs and degrees University of the People is offering. Even though if you did not avail of any scholarship, enrolling to one is a really good deal.

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