Tips to Ace Essays required in Online Education

One of the requirements in pursuing online degrees in online universities is a “personal essay” regarding your application into the program. Some requests you to indicate your goals while some ask you to indicate your preferences. The requirements vary and some applicants are at a loss where to start or how to answer.

Here are helpful tips to consider to ace essays required in online education:

1. The Reason.
Life, in general, is not just about breathing and walking amongst people who do the same. It’s not just about eating and talking to meet certain personal and social needs. There is a reason why we are alive. Some people’s life goal is to find the reason for living.

Some look for it, their entire lives, and never find it. Some don’t care and just live. The fact is, the reason exists.

It is the same with online applications and your essay. You must be able to identify the reason why you are applying to the school. It is not sufficient for you to say that you are interested in their online degree. You must be able to expound by pointing out why you like the online degree, what’s unique about the online university and how being accepted into the program will help you and your future plans. You can answer these questions as part of your “The Reason” part of the essay:

  • what is the online degree you chose?
  • what do you understand about the online degree?
  • what current activities do you have seems to be in line with the online degree?
  • how often do you do these activities?
  • how do you feel when you do these activities?
  • what other activities would you like to do or explore in line with the online degree?
  • what do you understand about the online university offering the degree?
  • what made you choose the online university or what sets this online university apart from other online universities?
  • what about the online university is congruent with your future plans or goals?
  • what do you think can the online university do to help you with your goals?

2. The Commitment.
The Reason is just the beginning. The Commitment, let’s say, is the sequel.

Understanding why we do the things that we do show that we have something that motivates us to do what we do. It gives us the driving force to ignite our goals into action. It creates an atmosphere of positivity, energy and simply, willingness to make things happen. All that is nothing if there is no commitment. Consider the following questions when you expound on your commitment:

  • what do you envision to do after being accepted? how many courses do you plan to take each semester? how many hours will you allot in online education?
  • how will you manage your time?
  • what are your priorities at the moment?
  • how will your priorities be impacted if you are accepted into the program?
  • what will you do to keep yourself on track of your goals?

3. The Closing.
Tie everything up with a strong ending.

Knowing that you’re motivated and you’re committed to the online application simply means that you know what you want and you will pursue it. Transition into a good closing by answering the following questions:

  • what do you foresee is the potential difficulty you will encounter when pursuing an online degree?
  • how will you overcome it?
  • how will your goal come into play that situation?
  • how will the online university help you with what’s next after the online degree?
  • what will you do now or what are your short term goals? what are you doing while waiting for the results of the application?
  • why should the online university consider your application?

This format is created in such a way that it can address an online application personal statement or a potential scholarship essay.

Please review the requirements before following the tips indicated in this article. Good luck in your applications!

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